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Orientation-week for new students

Welcome to the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences!

For an easy start into your student's life at the Frankfurt UAS we have arranged some guidance for you that will help you to to orientate quickliy and get the infomation you need.

It's starting on April 10, 2017! The lecture period is starting with a two-day-orientation for our freshmen. We recommend to take part for a good kick-off so you can get information about stuidyng at  Frankfurt UAS but also especially for your course. Please check the following information.

Best wishes for your start!
Your Course Guidance Center

PLEASE NOTE: The fresher orientation for the courses "Soziale Arbeit" and "Soziale Arbeit :transnational" is already starting on April 3, 2017!

At a glance – the guidebook for starting your course at the Frankfurt UAS

In this guideline we have gathered essential information for your first weeks at the Frankfurt University. This is where you can find topics like "My first steps", "where-to-go", campus life", helping you to get an idea of what you can do at the Frankfurt UAS and where to get help or answers for any issue. You can the download the guidebook right here (PDF; German version).

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