Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)

6 terms, full-time

ECTS credit points

Program starts
Summer and winter semester

Application deadlines
Summer semester: January 15
Winter semester: July 15


Acquin e.V. till Sept. 30, 2017 (PDF, German)

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Architecture B. A.

Architecture is a fascinating profession and right at the nexus of many diverse demands and expectations. A building contractor expects architects to take responsibility for optimal planning and the reliable and economic realisation of any building projects. With regards to building structures, however, the architectural design should integrate aesthetically and characteristically into the existing community and building landscape. This requires that the architect take into consideration a range of aesthetic aspects, regardless of whether the design is for a residence, an office building or an entire building area. Such professional diversity is reflected in the Bachelor programme in Architecture (B.A.), which aims to produce responsible planners able to meet the demands of both society and building cultures. The programme has a practical application and conveys a high level of general knowledge, specialist knowledge as well as communication skills and the ability to work within a team.

Programme schedule

First year: orientation

Inductions into design, compositions and constructions through lectures, exercises and design projects.

Second year: training

This covers all stages of design and is taught through constructive project work. Contextualisation from ideas and materials to construction management logistics, sketches, improvisations, refinement of presentation skills and broader historical and building studies contexts. 

Third year: practical application

Design projects, individual theme selection for degree qualification, required electives, general studies and thesis.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts programme in Architecture are qualified to take on professional roles throughout all scales of the fee structures for architects and engineer regulations (HOAI) within architectural and planning offices. In addition to traditional roles in architecture, new career opportunities arise in property management, building administration, building management, project management and project development, visualisation and animation. 

Upon completion of this short and relatively general programme, students have the opportunity to either directly enter into the profession or continue their studies within a Masters programme. The University of Applied Science Frankfurt am Main offers a consecutive Master of Arts programme in Architecture Design and Construction. A Masters degree enables graduates to join the Chamber of Commerce for Architecture. 

Other Masters programme relevant for Bachelor graduates in Architecture include the M.Sc. in Architecture – Barrier-free Planning and Building, the M.Sc. in Urban Agglomeration and the M.Eng. in Sustainable Structures. Graduation from any of these programmes enables students to enter higher civil service or gain access to a higher research degree programme at a university.

Applicant profile

The programme is ideal for applicants who have a strong interest in built environments and their cultural and social contexts or in construction and materials. Creativity, artistic dexterity, spatial imagination, technical interests and the ability to think structurally, as well as a certain level of organisational talent are basic pre-requisites for the degree programme.