Dr. Vera Jost
Building 1, 2nd Floor, Room 119
Nibelungenplatz 1
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: (+49)69 1533-2505

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Where is the Learning Center?

You can find the Learning Center (Selbstlernzentrum) in the BCN-tower right at the opposite side of the campus. Check the Map.

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Learning Center (Selbstlernzentrum)

Diversity plays a prominent role on our campus.
Students from all over the world are enrolled in more than thirty degree programs offered by four faculties. The students different educational, professional and age related backgrounds determine their individual approaches to learn and the pathways to their particular personal and academic development.

We regard diversity as a strength. The learning center is a place of diversity: students from all our programs use the different offers in the center. They benefit from exchanges in teams, they may use quiet rooms for doing some individual work, they may use special coursework (learning techniques, exam preparation and the like) designed according to their different needs.
There are student mentors who give advice and support. Computer pools and a library can also be used.

Workplaces for pre-graduates

The Learning Center has a special offer for Frankfurt UAS students that are about to graduate. We have several roller containers for rental. If you are working on your final paper you can lend a container for a depostit of €30.00 where you can store all the things you need for your thesis. Unfortunately, we cannot provide fixed workplaces but you can move the containers into any room inside the Learning Center. Furthermore, we also provide internet connection, two quiet-zone work areas and a PC-pool.

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