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Application Bachelor

Language Requirements

On Bachelor level, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences does not offer any programs completely taught in foreign languages. There are programs available in which some courses are taught in English. However, if you want to achieve a full Bachelor’s degree it will be essential to match the German language requirements! We provide more details at language requirements

How will your application be processed?

Credential Evaluation


If you want to study for a Bachelor’s degree with us and you’ve got a school leaving certificate from your home country we will have to check the equivalence of these documents against the German credential evaluation standards. These standards derive from a decree of the Standing Conference of Education Ministers in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Basically you will be admitted to studies in Germany in case you are allowed to study in your home country. But there might be some restrictions related to your choice of programs, e.g. in case your school leaving certificate allows for certain subjects only.

Evaluation agency


The evaluation of your documents will be done by “uni-assist.e.V.” in Berlin, an agency working for about 100 German universities among which you’ll find the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. That is why you must not send application forms and other documentation to the International Office but you have to submit your papers to uni-assist directly(exception: dual mode programs). The address is mentioned on the application form.

Please note that uni-assist will charge you € 75 for processing your data. It is indispensable to pay that amount, otherwise your application will not be processed. Read the application form for more details.



Uni-assist will send you a message about their credential evaluation. Pleas note that this message is not an admission document. The relevant admission document will be sent out by our International Office staff.

Preparatory College


In case your certificates from home do not match the requirements for direct entry you will have to attend a Preparatory College (Studienkolleg) for one year and pass their exam (Feststellungsprüfung).



Enrolment for some engineering programs requires the proof of a subject related practical experience (“Vorpraktikum”). For each of these programs the required skills are precisely identified by the relevant faculty. In case the practicum is not yet finished upon application the employer has to state the duration of the practicum and that it will be finished in due time.

Application deadlines


Applications (i.e. filled form plus respective documentation) have to be submitted to uni-assist by

  • May 1 for a fall term (Wintersemester) entry to Preparatory College (Studienkolleg)
  • July 15 for a fall term (Wintersemester) entry (numerus clausus admission)
  • September 1 for a fall term entry ( Wintersemester) (non-numerus clausus admission)
  • December 1 for a spring term (Sommersemester) entry to Preparatory College (Studienkolleg)
  • January 15 for a spring term (Sommersemester) entry (numerus clausus admission)
  • March 1 for a spring term (Sommersemester) entry (non-numerus clausus admission)