Coordination Refugee Programs

Consultation for Refugees:
Building 1, Room 103

Tue: 10:00-12:00
Thu: 10:00-12:00

Welcome Year

Welcome Year - Study Perspectives for Refugees

The Welcome Year offers refugees the chance to study and attend  intensive courses in the German language at the same time. Subject modules of the first semester are spread out over 2 semesters during the Welcome Year. This way there is enough time to learn the German language. These courses qualify the participants up to language level C1. The participants take part in the German language test DSH after one year. Once they passed the test, they can enter the regular curriculum of the degree course.

Study Opportunities

All participants of the Welcome Year will learn German and they will start their first modules at the same time. The program is currently preparing the students for the following degree courses: Mechanical Engineering and related courses (e.g. Product Development and Technical Design, Mechatronics and Service Engineering), Computer Science and related course like architecture.


We would love to assist you in case of questions or problems as a participant of the program during the listed office hours. If you are interested in participating in the third round as of spring 2018, please contact or come to our application office hours for refugees.

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