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What our students say...

“Coming to the University of Applied Sciences was one of the best choices I ever made. With highly qualified professors and well-equipped facilities, students have many opportunities to succeed on the friendly and welcoming campus.”

Katalin Simon-Racz, exchange student from Romania

“I wish everyone could have the opportunity to spend a year at FRA-UAS. My experience in Frankfurt was exciting, challenging, and something I will never forget.”

Augusto Boshammer Piazera, exchange student from Brazil

What our staff says...

“Working in the International Office at FRA-UAS provided me with insights into the efficient and effective student services offered here.”

Noelle Ponasik, FRA-UAS Welcome Center

“I enjoy welcoming international students to our campus. They contribute so much to the academic exchange and liveliness on campus.”

Elisa Lange, Incoming student advisor

What our administrators say...

“Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is a top university for international students in Germany. We are further developing short-term, long-term, and complete degree programs for our diverse array of incoming students.”

Prof. Dr. Kira Kastell, Vice President

What our faculty says...

“The international orientation of our programs and cooperation with partner universities worldwide offer our graduates excellent prospects for a career in globally renowned companies.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Peterek, Director, Master Program Urban Agglomerations

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