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Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology

The Bachelor programme ‘Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology’ aims to provide students with a thorough foundational knowledge in electronics and communications technology with an emphasis on communications technology. Students graduating from programme will be able to analyse problems relating to systems architecture and network planning, as well as hardware and software development and find scientifically grounded solutions in interdisciplinary teams. As practically oriented engineers, they will be able to responsibly fulfil roles and tasks in electrical engineering for industry, planning offices, public service institutions and research.

Students graduating from the programme receive a certification that carries the quality seal for Europe-wide accredited standards for engineering programmes.

The Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology programme will be accredited for the winter semester 2012 / 2013.

Graduates with a good grade average are able to continue with a consecutive Master programme in Information Technology.

The programme curriculum is very attractive and has received attention from trans-regional businesses interested in a cooperation.

The programme is offered for the first time in the winter semester 2012 / 2013 and replaces the expiring Bachelor programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

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