Summer Program:
International Encounters – Social Justice

July 18th till July 29th, 2016

The transnational summer program “International Encounters - Social Justice” is embedded in the General Studies Program at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The ‘studium generale’ is a key element in the profile of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. This interdisciplinary module aims at a cross-sectional approach to topics related to Social Justice.

Part of the program are also public lecturers / Teil des Programmes sind öffentliche Vorträge.

The two week-program is jointly taught by bi-national teams of lecturers from different academic disciplines and often faculties. Its overall objective is to bring together students and lecturers in a joint and unique learning environment, enable international and multidisciplinary debates around a common subject, and pick up the latest topics in the arena of international social, economic and environmental rights from a transnational perspective.

The first week is aimed at improving intercultural skills as well as language proficiency. For this, language classes in German or English are held in the morning. The afternoon and evening hours will be filled with a program developed by local students, leading incomings to places of professional interest in and around Frankfurt Main.

The second week is reserved for an academic encounter focusing on “Social Justice”. Week-long workshops will evolve around subjects such as minority rights, gender justice, adequate living standards, health, economic and environmental issues. The workshops will betaught by bi-national and interdisciplinary teams of lecturers.

The learning outcomes for participating students are:

  • Understand current social rights discourses from a transnational perspective
  • engage in interdisciplinary thinking and cross-cultural, multidimensional solutions
  • develop intercultural competencies and language proficiencies
  • work in international and multidisciplinary teams of peers
  • explore the city of Frankfurt and the region of Rhine-Main from its social and cultural side.


For students of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences the program is credited with 5 ECTS.

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