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Poster on: "Development and manufacturing of a custom made implant in accordance with the new European Medical Device Regulation" at the DGBMT 2019

Personalized medicine offers great opportunities in medical engineering. New technologies like additive manufacturing and 3D imaging are appropriate to implement personalized products. Within the Research Laboratory Personalized Biomedical Engineering (PBE) a custom made implant was developed in a students' project, exemplarily, considering the new European Medical Device Regulation. Multiple revision surgeries of the acetabular cup can cause additional bone defects. Different manufacturers offer modular implants for cup revisions, but for severe bone defects even those implants cannot ensure primary stability. A 3D reconstruction of the CT data, segmentation and design of a custom implant can address surgical needs more efficient than a modular solution.
At the 53rd Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering we participate at the students' competition and present a poster that shows all steps of the customized development. (Image: S. Hanusek, PBE)

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Dr. Stefan Hanusek, Forschungslabor PBE

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