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Im Forschungsblog "100 Worte und ein Bild" der Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences berichten die Forschenden unserer Hochschule kurz und aktuell über den Forschungsbetrieb.

Sie sind auch Forschende/-r an unserer Hochschule und möchten einen Beitrag verfassen?
Alle Informationen hierzu finden Sie im Intranet unter


Urban Transport and Eco-urbanism: A Global Comparative Study of Cities with a Special Focus on Five Larger Swedish Urban Regions

This is a detailed study of the urban transport characteristics of the Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Linköping and Helsingborg urban regions in southern Sweden, comparing them to a large sample of global cities. While density is critical in determining mobility patterns and how much public transport, walking and cycling are used, Swedish cities maintain healthy levels of these sustainable modes but moderate levels of car use, with less than half the density of other European cities. The research explores these and other patterns and provides clarity on the urban transport strengths and weaknesses of Swedish cities and some key policy directions to improve them.

The study can be read here:

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