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Im Forschungsblog "100 Worte und ein Bild" der Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences berichten die Forschenden unserer Hochschule kurz und aktuell über den Forschungsbetrieb.

Sie sind auch Forschende/-r an unserer Hochschule und möchten einen Beitrag verfassen?
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Is Automobile Dependence in Emerging Cities an Irresistible Force? Perspectives from São Paulo, Taipei, Prague, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou

This research analyses seven metropolitan regions that are all experiencing rapid motorisation and are perhaps appearing to capitulate to the automobile. Through 20 years of changes, evidenced in systematic data from the mid-1990s, none of the urban regions appear near to or even capable of becoming automobile cities. Physical limits are already being reached that make higher levels of car use impossible if transport systems are to remain functional and the cities livable. The evidence suggests that automobile dependence is not an irresistible force in cities of emerging economies, but depends on their planning and transport priorities (car-oriented or public transport, walking and cycling oriented).

The article can be read here:

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