The research project RESURC, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), is sponsored for its definition phase 2019-2021. The project is developed in cooperation with IUWA – Institut für Umweltwirtschaftsanalysen Heidelberg e.V. (coordinator) and AT-Verband – Verband zur Förderung angepasster, sozial und umweltverträglicher Technologien e.V., Stuttgart.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is responsible for subproject 2 “Spatial Planning and Capacity Development”.

Project Description

The rapidly growing city Urumqi and its surrounding area in Northwest China has become the largest urban agglomeration in a highly continental and semiarid environment in central Asia, home to more than 4.6 Mio. residents. Due to the high development dynamics, Urumqi faces serious challenges of sustainable development and resilience, which is to be enhanced through the project’s three main focal points:

  • first, to significantly reduce the CO2 and pollutant emission and improve the urban climate (especially the air quality)
  • second, to increase the resilience of the local infrastructures for supply and disposal
  • third, to consider systemic correlations of urban-rural relationships.

An integrated planning approach is chosen for maximizing synergies between complex planning tasks. It will be realized in close cooperation with Chinese partners and decision-makers in politics and administration. The success of the utilization of results depends on the high level of transferability that can be reached by approaching typical issues and phenomena, also occurring in other rapidly growing cities.

The city district UETD is particularly suited for this purpose. It is the goal of the project to create a model district by linking the industrial and residential areas, exemplifying sustainable development options for the Urumqi region, China and Central Asia. Change management and capacity development will additionally increase the competences of local players by integrating the findings into the development of the city and region.


This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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