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Companies are increasingly recognizing that international teams play an important role in being successful in today’s globalized world. The number of experts and executives coming to Germany from abroad has been rising steadily for years. However, working in diverse teams is not always easy. A different understanding of time or hierarchy as well as communication misunderstandings can make cooperation difficult. This seminar supports inpatriates in making their work assignments in Germany successful.


Introduction to German History and Economy, Intercultural Management, Intercultural Communication, Introduction to the German Legal System with a Focus on Labor Law, Business Ethics, Business Etiquette in Germany, Cultural Activities to Deepen the Understanding of German Culture.


Understanding Germany and the German work culture.

Improving intercultural skills.

Working successfully in diverse teams.

Seminar language: English or German


The seminar is aimed at foreign specialists and executives who work in Germany and who would like to better understand the German (working) culture and mentality and expand their intercultural skills.

Termin und Ort: 

Dates on request / in-house training possible

Kosten und Anmeldung: 

Price: 1.500 EURO per person (incl. refreshments during breaks and seminar documents)

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