Social Work and addiction in Germany

As part of the SOLID project ("Social work and strengthening NGOs in development cooperation to treat drug addiction") of the Institute for Addiction Research (ISFF) at Frankfurt UAS, fourteen short documentation videos were shot with a wide variety of actors from social work. These are primarily intended to give the project partners from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China an insight of the practice of "social work and addiction" in Germany, since the originally planned internships in German addiction and drug help were cancelled due to the pandemic. The videos give an insight into practice and show structures, methods and the professional attitude within German addiction and drug help. They also present the training of social workers in Germany. Transferability is also identified within the videos, which in turn can be used as ideas and suggestions for work in the respective countries.

All videos are published in German with English subtitles and can be accessed via the project website ( The videos can be used as an insight into practice in the context of (international) teaching, and represent a good alternative for internships in the context of pandemic-related restrictions and/or in international exchange.

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