Prof. Dr. Ralf Jasny and Dr. Sebastian Rick publish new paper

The Compliance Index: a behavioral approach to compliance risk management in the (post-) Covid-19 era

The Covid 19 pandemic, with its new hybrid work models, has meant that traditional control systems put in place to manage and monitor the effectiveness of compliance programs have quickly reached their natural limits. Especially when employees work from home, formal controls (such as audit and monitoring procedures) to mitigate compliance risk are difficult or impossible to implement for legal and technical reasons. Therefore, a paradigm shift away from such controls to a behavioral approach is needed.

To address the changes in the workplace triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic, Prof. Dr. Ralf Jasny and Dr. Sebastian Rick present the Compliance Index in their current paper, which focuses on the legitimacy of compliance programs in companies.

In doing so, the authors discuss the nature and purpose of the Compliance Index and explain the theory underlying the model as well as the quantitative approach used to estimate the model parameters.

Direct Link to the current paper:

Dr. Sebastian Rick is a recognized expert in quantitative methods for measuring the effectiveness of compliance programs. He is a member of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM) and the German National Academic Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Jasny is Professor of General Business Administration and Financial Services at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and an expert in quantitative empirical social research.

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