Science and practice in one format

Working for an automotive supplier and at the same time doing research on artificial intelligence in the university laboratory? Participate in hospital management and at the same time examine the self-perception of nursing staff?

With our collaborative doctoral program, we offer master's graduates and experienced professionals the opportunity to do a 50 percent doctorate at our university and to work for a practice partner. Within three years, they gain the necessary professional and research experience in this format in order to qualify for a later UAS professorship. Our practice partners are companies, authorities, clubs or associations that fit the research profile of the doctoral students and are involved in the Network Flexible Academic Careers.

The Frankfurt UAS has its own right to award doctorates in research-intensive areas or enables you to complete your doctorate in one of its doctoral centers. A cooperative dissertation with our partner universities in Germany and abroad is also possible.

Ann-Kristina GleimPROFfm advisor on collaborative programmes
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