Your opinion matters!

Dear student,

Continuous improvement of the quality of the studies, teaching and services is our aim! We would like to find out how you perceive the study conditions at our university and how they fit your personal situation and needs.

Your answers help us to advance our services, detect needs of improvement and identify what is already going well.

Please check your @stud.fra-uas adress in order to find the link to the survey.

Thank you for your interest in the student survey. On this page, you will find more detailed information on the aims, contents and data protection policy of the survey.

What does the university want to know?

General study satisfaction - motivation - social interaction - satisfaction with study conditions - study progress - E-Learning - anti-discrimination

The topics of our survey

What happens with the results and the data?

Improvement of study conditions - voluntary participation - privacy - anonymity - viewing results

How we use the data

Why are we doing this?

Looking for points of improvement - closing knowledge gaps - obeying the law - surveying on a scientific level - compairisons with nationwide studies

The basis of our survey

Focus: Diversity and Integration

Diversity-Audit - heterogeneity - academic integration - social integration - together

More about this point of foucs


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