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No matter if you get involved yourself and start realizing music projects with others or participate in a concert as spectator – with the choir, big band or the music workshop no musical wishes will be left unfulfilled.


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Your ideas and engagement are essential for CampusKultur!

You are culturally active, want to join a group or want to realize a project of your own but need support?

Get in contact with the CampusKultur-team, We’re glad to help you out and bring you together with the right people. 

A selection of projects, supported by CampusKultur

During lecture period students and staff members of all faculties meet every two weeks for joint rehearsals. Because music connects people! Singers and musicians are always welcome. For more information visit the choir’s or big band’s websites:

The music workshop invites students to enhance their musical skills together with others to try out uncommon sound generators, to get inspired by experimenting with sounds and to reflect about their own musical socialization. Here, the musical potential in Social Work is tested and academically deepened.

Find out more about themusic workshop.

Drug users, recent and previous ones, do art – together with students of Social Work at Frankfurt UAS. Within their main focus of studies “culture and media” the students have worked together artistically and musically with approximately 200 drug users so far. Their common goal is to produce own songs, videos, theatre pieces, art and literature, which can show to society the living environment, thoughts, problems, hopes and dreams of drug addicts. Ten Frankfurt drug help centers are involved so far. The project started in 2015 and in the following years 2016, 2017 and 2019 has led to the production of various audio-CDs and multimedia performances at Gallus theater in Frankfurt. Further information as well as a video about the project “High Life”:

Under the theme "isolated and irritated - isolated and smeared!", a digital music project was created in the Studium Generale module "Harmony and Rhythm" in the winter semester 2020/2021. Due to the Corona pandemic, young people in particular are affected with uncertainties in life reality and the world of work with regard to life dreams, studies and career. In this project, the students were to find an artistic expression through vocal expressions (singing, speaking, rapping, shouting) that reflects this situation of being "smeared" and gives space to the emotions that moved the students in the second lockdown.

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