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As diverse as Frankfurt UAS itself is CampusKultur’s range of topics. No matter if it‘s European topics during the Hessian European Week, the university’s application to become a certified Fairtrade University, the subject of sustainability in general, the campaign day around IDAHOBITA* or more; together with you we tackle the topic and support or realize several projects every year: from winter market with sustainable products to an event series during the European week, that is celebrated at Frankfurt UAS every year.

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A selection of projects, supported by CampusKultur

Frankfurt UAS actively takes its responsibility towards university members and society seriously.

Our university is the first university in Hesse to adopt a sustainability strategy at the beginning of 2021. Less than a year later - on January 27, 2022 - Frankfurt UAS was also awarded the title of "Fairtrade University".

CampusKultur regularly offers events and activities related to fair trade in order to raise awareness of the topic in everyday university life. For example, with a "fair" Christmas market or lectures and information stands on the production and trade of fair trade products.

We work together closely with students and other stakeholders at the university and also invite external guests to participate.

Students who are interested in preparing and implementing activities and events on the topics of fair trade and sustainability are welcome to join our team. We are happy to work as a university community to promote sustainability and fair trade on campus and in society.

Do you have ideas for actions or want to get involved with the Fairtrade Universities project? Send us an email or give us a call.


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Seit 2009 beteiligt sich die Frankfurt UAS mit Veranstaltungen am IDAHOBITA*. Für eine offene Hochschule, die sich der Integration, Antidiskriminierung sowie der Respektierung von Diversität verpflichtet fühlt – auch und gerade mit Blick auf Sexualitäten – eine Selbstverständlichkeit, zumal die Themen Diversität und Vielfalt zu den zentralen Werten dieser Hochschule zählen. Der IDAHOBITA* ist eine von vielen Hochschulaktivitäten, die Diversity sichtbar und erlebbar machen. Die Hochschulinitiative „IDAHOBITA*“ plant und realisiert die Aktivitäten und wird dabei von CampusKultur unterstützt.

Erfahren Sie mehr zum IDAHOBITA* an der Frankfurt UAS.

Students from more than 100 nations and 200 partner institutions worldwide: Frankfurt UAS is an international university located in one of the most international cities in Germany. One central mission for Frankfurt UAS within its social responsibility is to encourage exchange in order to initiate and keep up conversation across national borders. On campus we live the diversity of Europe and the whole world – with no place for prejudice or discrimination but with curiosity for everything that is different. Together with other departments of the university, CampusKultur organizes a multiple day event series every year around the European Day at May 9th.

Find out more about the topic ofEurope at Frankfurt UAS (only in German).


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