Study Preparatory B2 German Course / B2 Exam

Within the scope of the STEPS Frankfurt*International program, the Language Center offers B2 German Courses of 16 units per week to prepare students for their studies. The courses usually last one semester and end with a B2 exam (written and oral). If you successfully pass the exam, you can participate in the DSH preparation courses in the following semester.

Requirements for participation is a language certificate with level B1 (CEFR).



Course objectives and content:

  • Continuous language preparation for studying in Germany
  • training of writing, speaking, listening and reading skills at B2 level
  • Vocabulary and grammar training
  • Preparation for the B2 exam (written and oral) and DSH course
  • steep learning progression
  • Teaching of language learning strategies, e-learning (Moodle), online-based language learning
  • Teaching of intercultural skills, orientation in academic teaching and learning culture
  • guaranteed place in DSH preparation course if B2 exam is passed and registration is made in time

The general language courses are supplemented by additional courses in technical language and language learning strategy,Zusatzangebotwhich are constantly updated.

The requirement for participation is a language certificate at level B1 (CEFR). An overview of accepted certificates/language certificates can be found here: Overview language certificates. The B1 certificate must be submitted at the time of registration. Participants with the certificate "Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer B1" and language evidence without grades must attend a bridging course B1+ Bridging course B1+before starting the B2 course.

Target group
Prospective students, especially for the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Course scope
approx. 240 teaching units.

Course and examination dates in the winter semester 2021/2022


Written examination: presumably 14.02.2022
Oral examination: presumably 15.02.2022

Course schedule:

Morning course: 08:45 am-12:15 pm / Monday – Friday (5 days/week)

Afternoon course: 14 -17:15 pm / Monday – Friday (5 day/week)


Registration for the preparatory B2 German course takes place via the following registration mask. With the registration, language skills on the level of at least B1 (CERF) must be proven. For an optimal start, we recommend attending the one-month bridging course B1+.  The fee for this course is 75 Euro.

Application deadlines
For the summer semester: from November 15 until the beginning of the course or until all places have been taken

For the winter semester: from June 15 until the beginning of the course or until all places have been taken.

After your documents have been checked, you will receive a message from the International Office (online) via email with the request to transfer the course fee. Only with the receipt of the course fee the registration is effective.


Course fee
750 Euro
You do not have to transfer the course fee until we have sent you a payment request by email.

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