Café Babbel

Experience real multilingualism with many languages at the same time, in just one place! Would you like to chat in a (new) foreign language and meet interesting people? The Language Center offers just the place to do that - Café Babbel. And you are all invited!

The concept is simple: each space is dedicated to a different language. Whether beginner or advanced, there is a place for everyone at Café Babbel. You decide which language you want to speak. You can change tables as often as you like until you have explored the whole variety of languages. Get active and get involved - because it's easier and more fun to reach your (language) goal together. You can also play games together in the foreign language!

Café Babbel takes place every two weeks. A small surprise awaits if you come regularly and spend at least 20 minutes chatting with others. Don’t forget your stamp card! Of course, if this is your first time stopping by, you can still get a stamp card.

The next meeting with tea, coffee and snacks will take place on Wednesday, 30th November from 16:00 till 18:00 in building 2, room 379 (LanguageLab+).


The next meetings in the winter semester will be on the following dates: 14/12, 18/01, 01/02 and 15/02.


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