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Find an always updated overview of useful tools which will support you while learning languages. Next to portals, which will facilitate your search for language partnerships, you can also find information and remarks about the most common language tests.

LANGENSCHEIDT – This offer can be taken advantage off free of charge in the frame of the higher education network at the library of the Frankfurt UAS. The use at home is only possible via a VPN client. More information can be found here. The company Langenscheidt offers dictionaries in many  different languages including Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian to Chinese. Furthermore, a lot of English dictionaries are used for English as a specialist language.
LINGUEE  – Translates words and small parts of sentences in the context so that the matching formulation can be found more easily. The procedure uses manifold websites as a souce.
LEO – The classic in the field online dictionary. German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian and Chinese are available. Including language output and vocabulary trainer.
DICT.CC – Extensive online dictionary German/English and English/German, which also provides solid advice for idioms. Including language output and vocabulary trainer.
PONS – Online dictionary with detailed context descriptions, picture dictionary, vocabulary trainer and audio output in numerous languages including Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.
IATE Extensive collection of specific vocabulary, which is used and updated by EU institutions. Most European languages are supported.
FOREIGNWORD – Meta search of 275 different online dictionaries for many different languages.
WordNet – WordNet (Princeton University) groups words together based on their meanings. You can download it and use it offline.
BAB.LA – Online dictionary for 28 languages. Offers next to voice output, vocabulary tests and phrasebooks for certain situations.


Useful links concerning the preparation of the TOEFEL-Test:

GlobalExam - TOEFL: Complimentary Example Test with Correction

ETS - TOEFL: Complimentary Preparation Test includes all 4 sections;

  • Listening Part
  • Reading Part
  • Speaking Part
  • Writing Part

Correct answers will be displayed afterward.

Free University Berlin - TOEFL-Talk for potential Test Attendants

The seminar is free of charge and the students have the opportunity to ask questions.

8-week preparation plan for independent learning

6-week free of charge course: 2-4 hours per week over the course of 6 weeks. The course itself does not cost anything, however, for 40€ you can purchase a verified certificate.

EGO4UFree online offers with grammar exercises in English. Detailed explanations, background information and small tests.
STUDY ZONE – Very detailed grammar offers on different levels. With explanations and exercises.
ENGLISCH-HILFEN – Very extensive vocabulary and grammar exercises with explanations and tests.

Online-Spanisch – A few grammar exercises with explanations in accordance with the level.
Spanisch Lehrbuch – Very extensive vocabulary and grammar exercises with explanations and videos.
University of Victoria – Extensive exercises with good definitions.
Instituto Cervantes – Interactive lessons, which are separated into two levels.

Online-Französisch – Very extensive vocabulary and grammar exercises with explanations and videos
Grammatik lernen – Extensive vocabulary and grammar exercises with a lot of background information
Francais interactif – Very nice French course for beginners

Ribeca – Various interesting grammar exercises with definitions and audio files. – Extensive grammar exercises sorted in accordance with the level.

Schubert Verlag – Grammar exercises on all levels, well structured and extensive.
Klett Passwort Deutsch – Nicely structured lessons, reaching beyond purely grammar exercises.

LANG 8 – Native speakers correct and assess texts and exercises, which you have created in the language you are learning.
BUSUU – The platform offers in collaboration with PONS different online learning units, corrections through other members and the chance to find other language partners.
MEMRISE – Learning languages with the Memrise learning portal with more than 300,000 courses and a large community.
DUOLINGO  – Free of charge online service to acquire a language. For the user language German currently English, French, and Spanish are available, in the user language English up to 19 languages can be learnt.


Tandem University of Bochum - Would you like to communicate with native speakers over the Internet who would also like to learn a new language? Here you can find a large, free database, which facilitates finding a partner. The regular exchange can take place via email, phone, chat or via traditional media.


Podcasts BBC Learning English
Podcasts of the Financial Times Germany in the field Business English
Podcasts Grammar Girl - Quick and dirty tips for better writing
Podcasts of the language center of the University of the Saarland for advanced learners with additional materials
Podcasts to learn English
English-speaking news at Podcast.


Jobline – The LMU offers students and graduates a lot of information and tips on the topic: applications in English-language regions. Various online modules with exercises for perfect letters of motivation or a successful interview are available for you once you registered free of charge. 

English job titles – A list of translations for the at times difficult to translate job titles for German vocational training occupations. Provided by the Industry of Commerce and Commerce Darmstadt.


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