Qualification offers for tutors and mentors of the Frankfurt UAS

The PeerCampus includes the following offers:

  • Interdisciplinary workshops for tutors and mentors
  • Counseling for tutors, mentors and lecturers and employees of the Frankfurt UAS
  • Online learning platform
  • Summer festival with guided counseling of colleagues
  • Completion of a PeerCertificate

Project concept PeerCampus

The diagram below shows the current project status of the PeerCampus. The PeerCampus is structured into three qualification phases:

  • Introductory workshops (basics),
  • Advanced workshops
  • and offers to accompany the practice.

The respective content and the planned point in time of these offers are portrayed. The PeerCertificate can be attained by participating in at least one offer per qualification phase.

We are looking forward to applications from intersted students, who would like to work at the PeerCampus as a workshop instructor and co-thinker. Go to the  job description.


Tutorials are an addition to lectures. The quality of the tutorials is also a quality feature of the lecture and contributes to successful studies.

Possible advantages of the PeerCampus for a lecturer:

  • Better tutorials for heterogenic learning groups can lead to more active students and better examination results.
  • Tutors can better question and describe the knowledge of the participants, as well as his/her learning difficulties.        
  • Independent planning of tutorials are supported and professionalized.
  • Tutors work in a more motivated manner (identification with safety in his/her job).
  • Minor care for the learning person
  • Better application status? Possible hurdles for tutorial work, may be lowered. Minor support effort required for the lecturer.
  • Tutors are role models: They pass on extended knowledge to learning strategies and learning content.

    Please contact us if you are interested in an interdisciplinary qualification and accompaniment of your tutors and mentors. There are also options to further develop oneself with joint qualification offers.

We are looking forwards if you have students register for offers as preparation time.

The project PeerCampus developed a classification to forms of student support at our institution of higher education.

Interested readers can read the document here and a presentation for download here.

We are looking forward to your feedback.


Head of the section and project coordinator

Soziologe, M.A.
Marc-Oliver Maier
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