Making City

Appropriation Strategies in Public Space

The symposium “Making City – Appropriation Strategies in public space” took place in the Evangelischen Akademie Frankfurt on October 24 in cooperation with the FFin.Against the background of increasing commercialization of urban development and public space, demands for higher participation in the city emerge in many social areas. While buildings and their use are matters of discussions, like with the new planning on campus Bockenheim, the citizen’s potential influence on others property is limited. Whereas in public space, which is no one’s “property”, participation demands are not only articulated but are held by different groups appropriating the space in different ways. Not only protest movements and subcultures but temporary users and commercial actors, that sell wares for example, are part of it as well.     

The event, which was designed as a Study Day, introduced with short impulse presentations the multifaceted appropriation strategies that show not only in youth culture phenomena (Parkour, Street art etc.), but in political (Occupy, Flashmobs) as well as ecological (Urban gardening).
An additional view was on the social meaning as well as the technical and regulatory frameworks. 

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