Making City

Appropriation Strategies in Public Space

In cooperation with the FFin of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, the symposium "Making City - Appropriation Strategies in Public Space" was held at the Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt.

Against the backdrop of an increasing commercialization of urban development and public space, demands for greater participation in the city are emerging in many areas of society. While buildings and their use are the subject of discussion, for example in the new plans for the Bockenheim campus, citizens' opportunities to influence the property of others are limited.
In public space, on the other hand, which does not "belong" to anyone, claims to participation are not only articulated, but they are also fought out as different groups appropriate the space in different ways. These include not only protest movements and subcultures, but also intermediate users and commercial actors who, for example, offer goods in public space.

The event, which was conceived as a study day, used short keynote speeches to present the multifaceted strategies of appropriation that can be seen, for example, in youth cultural phenomena (parkour, street art, etc.), but also in political (Occupy, flash mobs) or ecological (urban gardening) ones.
However, a look at the social significance as well as technical-regulatory framework conditions was also taken and discussed. (October 24, 2014)

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