Urban Development Concepts

Offenbach// Wiesbaden// Frankfurt 2016

This event gave an overview of the development of integrated urban development concepts for the cities Offenbach, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden in cooperation with the „Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional-, und Landesplanung“ as well as the „Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung“ and the Rapid Planning Team. A special focus laid on the limited space for future developments, the supply of suitable infrastructure in the urban planning procedure and the value of active public contribution.



  • Masterplan Offenbach am Main
    Marion Rüber-Steins, department coordinator urban development
  • WISEK 2030+ Integrated urban development concept Wiesbaden
    Thomas Metz, Director of the City Planning Office Wiesbaden 
  • Integrated urban development concept Frankfurt am Main 2030
    Martin Hunscher, Director of the City Planning Office Frankfurt am Main
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