Symposium Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Law

The never-ending project of Berlins capital airport would have probably been completed by now if the planning would have been better and if the possibilities of digitalization would have been used intensively. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure sees substantial need for action in the progress of digitalizing the German construction industry to, inter alia, avoid building delays: built digitally first, then real! In this context, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has an especially good reputation in the realization of a cooperative working method for the “as-built” -Process. The application can be used to create a digital room book in BIM compatible Geo-Information Systems as well as for digital building requests. Virtual construction diaries and lists of construction deficiencies or automatic monitoring of construction progress will be possible through BIM in the future. Is this the dawn of paradisiac times for virtual planning and building in Germany?

The speakers of the symposium deal with both “BIM-worlds”: open and closed BIM. What is the difference? Which functions does a BIM manager have and how can you become one? What is a BIM-BVB? How does the evaluation of 3D-laserscan data at the conversion of dot clouds for integration in BIM work? And: how about privacy and copyrights? (March 23, 2017)


Successful switchover to BIM technology –Added value, legal challenges, encouragement (Keynote)
Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Architect Moritz Mombour, authorized representative, BIMwelt GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

BIM – Praxis: CAD-Model und examination
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Nilges, owner Ingenieurbüro Jörg Nilges, Certified Allplan Trainer, Griesheim

BIM synergies between CAD und statics
Dipl.-Ing. Aleksandar Mladenov, Director and Office Manager SCIA Software GmbH, Dortmund

„as-built BIM“: Technical and legal aspects when utilizing BIM in the building industry and geodesy
Amir Abbaspour, Allplan Certified Instructor, Frankfurt am Main /Oslo, Norway

Design and construction in existing contexts – from the existing building to a BIM model
Dr.-Ing. Ralf König, Director Scalypso GmbH, Potsdam

BIM: Impact on the “classical” planning process and the HOAI
RA Dr. Alexander Wronna, LL.M., Partner of the business law firm KNH Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt am Main

BIM and land management: What can BIM achieve for planning law and ground policy?
Dr. Fabian Thiel, Fb1 und FFin, Frankfurt UAS

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