Sustainable Building Land Development for Urban and Rural Areas

Shaping the future

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Hessische Landgesellschaft and its partners organized a series of lectures. This third and last forum was dedicated to the topic of building land development.
Land is a limited resource and a valuable asset that is protected and developed by the HLG as a state trust agency for rural land readjustment. As a "temporary building authority", more than 300 residential and commercial areas are currently being developed throughout Hesse. With this forum, the first guideline for Plus-Energy-Settlements was presented to the public and the most important aspects and strategies of a sustainable development of building land were discussed with experts.

  • Building land development from the point of view of regional development; State Secretary Mathias Samson, HMWEVL
  • Building land development from the point of view of the municipalities in an urban-rural comparison; Karl-Christian Schelzke, Managing Director, HSGB
  • Building land development - how municipalities use their resources powerfully; Prof. Dr. Harald Kegler, University of Kassel
  • Sustainable neighborhood development - what the future demands of us planners; Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Schmitz, Managing Director of the Frankfurt Research Institute for Architecture • Civil Engineering • Geomatics
  • Presentation of the first guideline for the development of plus-energy housing estates in Hessian municipaliets; Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle, Managing Director HLG
  • Solutions for heavy rainfall, heat and species protection - Sustainable development of building land according to BauGB 2017; Klaus-Ulrich Battefeld, Supreme Nature Conservation Authority HMUKLV
  • The "Bauland-Offensive des Landes Hessen" (BOH): Activation of building land for town and country; Monika Fontaine-Kretschmer, Managing Director of Nassauische Heimstätte and BOH-GmbH
  • Land portfolio management in Hesse for rural areas; Gunther Thias, HLG
  • Practical talks on interior development and outdoor projects
  • "North Hesse"; Joachim Kothe, HLG and Edgar Paul, Mayor of Nieste; 
  • "Central Hesse"; Heiko Riehm, HLG and Rainer Wengorsch, Mayor of Hungen;
  • "Southern Hesse"; Andreas Gerhard, HLG and Dirk Westedt, Mayor of Hochheim am Main
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