Adaptive Re-Use

Strategies for housing construction in post-war modernism

The conference Adaptive Re-Use discussed strategies for dealing with large housing estates and settlement structures from the period between 1945 and 1975 on the basis of examples from the European region. It was intended to illustrate how settlements in different countries are protected as historical monuments and how they are treated, what role architecture plays in their preservation, and how the housing stock can be further developed in a qualified manner.

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UNMISSABLE. The housing stock of the boom years
Silke Langenberg, Munich University of Applied Sciences

Multi-Storey Housing in the UK. A Historical and Heritage Overview
Miles Glendinning, University of Edinburgh

greater_higher_denser. Settlements of post-war modernism in the Stuttgart region
Martin Hahn, State Office for Monument Preservation Baden-Württemberg

Housing in Ivrea. A Turning Point for 20th Century Architecture Heritages in Italy
Patrizia Bonifazio, Politecnico di Milano

Component: Architecture strategies for dealing with buildings

Large Heritage. Conservation approaches for the preservation of the late modern building heritage.
Mark Escherich, Bauhaus University Weimar

Wolfsburg. Urban planning preservation for quarters of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Nicole Froberg and Susanne Dreißigacker, City of Wolfsburg

Preparing the Inscription of Álvaro Siza's Works on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Conservation of Portuguese 20th Century Architecture
José Aguiar, University of Lisbon

Life and Preservation. Strategies for Postwar Architecture Survival
Tapani Mustonen, arkitehdit mustonen oy, Helsinki

Component: Urban development Strategies for dealing with settlement structures, open spaces and processes

Renewal of post-war urban landscapes
Simon Mühlebach, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

That's it! Replacement new student residence complex in the Olympic Village Munich
Natalie Heger, Research Laboratory Post-War Modernism, Frankfurt UAS

Bremer Punkt - Small Steps / Big Steps. From pilot project to series
John Klepel, LIN Architects Urbanists, Berlin

Conservation or Adjustment of Post-War Housing Estates. Experiences from the Netherlands, Especially the Bijlmermeer High-Rise in Amsterdam
Frank Wassenberg, Platform31, The Hague

Pictures of the future for Neue Vahr. Report on an interdisciplinary model procedure
Katja-Annika Pahl, Bremen University of Applied Sciences

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