Update Energy Revolution

How research rocks the agglomeration

Research institutes such as the Frankfurt Research Institute for Architecture • Civil Engineering • Geomatics (FFin) with their interdisciplinary competence and future-oriented students can be the energy-giving motor for innovation and sustainable implementation in practice. The resulting opportunities must be utilized and promoted. Based on the Frankfurt 10-point plan for the implementation of the energy system revolution in agglomerations adopted in 2013 by the FFin with participants from business, science and politics, this event will evaluate the goals envisaged at the time. Innovative possibilities and existing obstacles to a successful transfer of knowledge from research into practice will be debated. The main topics are energy efficiency, energy production, infrastructure and mobility, while the quality of life and work continues to improve.

Knowledge is powerlessness? Why we do not achieve our self-imposed goals
Jürgen Trittin, Member of the Bundestag, former Federal Minister of the Environment

Research Transfer for the Energy Revolution in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Agglomeration
Dr. Karsten McGovern, Head of the State Energy Agency Hesse

10-Point Plan for the Energy Revolution: Findings and further orientation
Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle, FFin

Basis of Life Water supply
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Roth, FFin

Efficiency versus Sufficiency in the Energy System Transformation
Dr. Justus Brans, Hessian Ministry for Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing

Net service Buildings and Settlements
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schmitz, FFin

Sustainable Mobility in Times of Energy System Transformation
Prof. Dr. Josef Becker, FFin

Urban Development 2019 - In the Area of Conflict between Housing Shortage and Land Consumption
Prof. Dr. Stefan Pützenbacher, FFin

Panel discussion and amendment of the 10-point plan

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