Regional planning in South Hesse

Old challenges and new approaches

The event "Regional Planning in Southern Hesse - Old Challenges and New Approaches" addressed questions about regional planning of the future in Southern Hesse. (January 31, 2020)


- Welcome and introduction: Michael Peterek (Frankfurt UAS)
- Introduction to the event: Dieter von Lüpke (DASL), Anja Littig (IfR) and Andrej Müller (SRL)
- How do we want to live in Hesse in 2040 - pictures of the future in southern Hesse: Gertrudis Peters, Deputy General Manager of the Chamber of Labour and Urban Planners of Hesse
- Report from the expert commission on central places and spatial structure in Hesse: Jens Scheller, Commission of Experts on Central Places and Spatial Structure

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