Recovery of Aleppo

Law, Architecture and Geodata Management to Revive War-Torn Cities

With the start of reconstruction activities and land transactions after the end of the war in Syria, the "zero hour" for a comprehensive restoration of old cities like Aleppo has long passed. This digital conference is intended as a platform for the collection of strategies that have definitely been neglected in the previous discourse and existing implementation guidelines of donor organizations. The combination of law, architecture, planning, (digital) cadastre, data management and multi-sensory 3D geospatial data collection - to name a few - is an essential tool for the reconstruction of the built environment. Furthermore, Building Information Modeling (BIM) will become increasingly important in the context of reconstruction.

To this end, the conference offered interdisciplinary interested architects, archaeologists, (urban) planners, lawyers, and geospatial data managers ways of thinking and acting, for reconstruction in Aleppo and other war-torn cities in Syria and beyond. This conference also aimed to support the initiation of functioning and sustainable resilient networks. These networks are indispensable prerequisites for working in reconstruction and urban rehabilitation projects worldwide. (November 18 to 20, 2021)

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