Symposium - Transformative Participation

Strategies for the construction of settlements in the post-war modern era

Although most of the planners of the post-war modernist settlements (1945-1975) were seriously interested in the needs of the users, they hardly ever allowed them to express them in a binding way. Was this a mistake? In any case, in many housing estates the residents formed themselves soon after moving in to protest against their living environment.

Today, participatory processes play an important role when the further development of post-war modernist housing estates is negotiated. Issues that are often at stake are the often perceived monotonous appearance, the use of collective spaces, and redensification. Problems and solutions are only sometimes architectural in nature - social or economic aspects are often just as important.

The conference "Transformative Participation" approached the question of what role participatory approaches have played and could play in the future in the further development of post-war settlements from different angles. A publication on the conference has been be published by JOVIS Verlag Berlin in fall 2021.

This is an event of the Postwar Modernism Research Lab. (March 12, 2021)

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