Research Focus Geodata Acquisition

Laboratory for Engineering Surveying and GNSS

  • Network adjustment: Development of economical methods for the adjustment of large high-precision engineering networks for tunnel, track and bridge construction taking into account different sensors.

  • Deformation analysis: Improvement of the statistically verified detection of object motion from geodetic measurements by the use of hybrid data

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmidt

Laboratory for Industrial Metrology

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  • Process analysis and process optimization in large volume metrology (laser tracker Leica AT401) and industrial metrology
  • Parameter estimation (network adjustment, control geometries), application of GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement; DIN V ENV 13005) and Monte Carlo simulation

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Eschelbach

Laboratory for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

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The laboratory for photogrammetry and remote sensing is equipped with sensors and copters (UAV) for photogrammetric recording of infrastructure objects. A computing cluster and powerful, partly self-developed software can be used for the evaluation of remote sensing data (UAV, aircraft, satellite). The research and development activities include:

  • Monitoring of urban biotopes and infrastructure

  • 3D acquisition of facades and industrial plants
  • Reconstruction of building geometries and their photorealistic representation

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Greiwe

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