Research Focus Geoinformation

Laboratory for Geoinformation

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Research questions and technology transfer in the fields of spatial information systems and building information systems

  • Spatial data infrastructures
  • 3D Geoinformation
  • Evaluation strategies for laser scanning
  • Use and further development of geoinformation in the municipal environment

Prof. Dr. Gerd Kehne

Philipp Winkemann MSc (GIS)

GDI Test Platform INSPIRE-kommunal

GDI Test Platform Inspire kommunal

  • Creation of a test platform for services and scenarios of a spatial data infrastructure (GDI). Identification of problems and possible solutions, further training and demonstration events for different target groups.
  • "Conception and development of the GDI test platform INSPIRE-kommunal"
  • "Adaptation of promising data acquisition methods for municipal geoinformation systems"

Prof. Dr. Robert Seuß
Nicole Šaravanja MSc (GIS)


  • Conception and development of a registry platform for the spatial data infrastructure in Germany

  • Provision of ISO 19100-compliant register models

  • Development of an OGC-compliant web service infrastructure

  • Implementation of register models and processes for organizations, code lists, namespaces and INSPIRE monitoring

 GIS-based Location Analysis in Retail Trade

  • Development of a Germany-wide database for retail locations

  • Development of an information system for Desktop and Web

  • Development of local and global market reports

Prof. Dr. René Thiele

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