Research Focus Creative Approaches

  • "Inner Images" and their materialization in our real world: Design seminars on the use of "inner images" as catalysts for conscious creative decisions.
  • Previous topics: City Building (1996), Arcades (1997) and Rome (2005; all with Prof. Dr. Hajo Neis), Light (2006, with Prof. Christian Bartenbach), Bamboo (1996, with Prof. Dr. Niels Gutschow and Prof. Ravindra Vasaveda) and Bricks (2008, with Prof. Dr. Niels Gutschow).

"Ziegel - Der Turm zu Bhaktapur in Nepal Entwürfe für Ziegel aus Frankfurt treffen auf traditionelle Bautechniken der Newars", Auszug aus dem Forschungsbericht der FH FFM 2008-2009

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