Research Focus Sociological Approaches

Urban and Regional Sociology

  • social structure
  • habitation
  • municipal development planning

Prof. Dr. Therese Neuer-Miebach

Barrier-free and Sustainable Planning and Construction

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to the development of sustainable solution models in the field of barrier-free architecture and universal design. Development of new structural, inclusive systems to meet the progressive demographic, socio-political and economic change in Europe and the resulting new challenges to our built environment. Synergy formation between the specialist groups: Architecture, Computer Science, Product Design, Social Work and Health (in cooperation with the disciplines BaSys - Intelligent Systems and - Case Management)

  • Development of design concepts taking into account social and cultural aspects.  
  • Integration of energy-conscious strategies for the interaction of man - energy - environment in the local and global context. Focus: Sustainable design concepts for Sub-Saharan Africa (in cooperation with the College of Architecture, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana).

Dipl.-Ing. (GhK) Angelika Plümmer

Patterns of use of Space, Perception and Evaluation of Space

  • Creative techniques and scientific methods for dealing with aesthetics and atmosphere in design processes
  • Spatial and Product Semiotics: Signs of Cultural and Social Significance
  • Perception of space, ways of use and types of space

Dr. Ulrike Reichhardt

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