Research Focus Urban Planning and Land Management

Urban Planning in Agglomerations

  • Rapid Planning - Sustainable infrastructure, environmental and resource management for highly dynamic metropolitan regions: Development of a rapidly implementable, trans-sectoral planning method with a focus on urban infrastructure, especially in the areas of energy, water, wastewater, waste and urban agriculture.
  • "Centers outside the centers ": Studies on manifestations, modes of use and spatial structure of contemporary urban regions (in cooperation with international partner universities of the Master's programme Urban Agglomerations)
  • Ostend Frankfurt am Main District Atlas: Changes to an inner-city district in Frankfurt am Main under the Conditions of Global Change and the Influence of the European Central Bank
  • Urban (sub)development and demographic change: challenges and future requirements for sustainable urban planning

Prof. Dr. Michael Peterek

Dr. Ulrike Reichhardt

Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Caroline Günther

M.Sc. Yaman Hebbo

  • Development of settlement and urban development in the 1960s and 1970s with a focus on physical and  changes, identification processes and organizational changes in meaning. Research method based on a mix of methods such as biographical research
  • Gentrification research, in particular research into gentrification as an expression and result of cultural and social processes in the city.
  • Geographical focus: London, Great Britain, Netherlands, Balkans

 Prof. Dr. Maren Harnack

International Urban Planning and Development

  • Traces of De- and Recolonization
    theory-based research and publication project and development of an archive on the subject. The aim is a critical reinterpretation of current architectural, spatial, political, cultural and artistic concepts against the background of the experience of colonization. The geographical focus is on Latin America
  • Landscapes of Pressure - Paisajes de Presión
    A research and photographic project based on the conviction that territory policy today is decisively determined by the logic of the global economy and consequently makes land in metropolitan regions an object of speculation. A specific focus lies on post-crisis landscapes and the related territorial politics of Spain.
  •  Rules of Community Building, Progressive Urbanism and Urban Production from Below
    Applied comparative research project to observe and evaluate long-term processes of formation and consolidation of informal settlements under specific local and globally changed conditions and to integrate them into current planning processes.
  • Urban Memory and the Construction of Local Identities in the Self-Created City in Lima/Peru
    systematic research, documentation, visualization and communication of "unofficial" collective memories, knowledge of city making and urban palimpsests in consolidated self-construction settlements, which represent one of the richest unwritten and unclassified archives of urban and community-building knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

  • SuStaN (Sustainable Starter Neighborhood): Planning guidelines for new lower middle class neighborhoods in fast-growing southern cities.
    Proposed partners: GIZ, UN-Habitat
  • NeoTown Documentation Bank: Categorization of major private-sector projects in an international context (NeoTowns): Intersection of research and teaching for advanced master students
  • Landscape of Surprise International: Comparative study of rapidly growing city peripheries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
    Based on the project
  • UVIPS (Urban Violence Prevention Scheme): Guidelines for the dissemination and transferability of the "Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading" project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Proposed partner: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), DAAD, Sundevelopment Cape Town, City of Cape Town.

Prof. Dr. Peter Gotsch

Global Cities Database

Investigation of 25 world cities with regard to land use, population figures, jobs, economic development in their respective dependence on motorized private transport in the period 2005/06 and comparison with a first survey in 1995/96.

Prof. Jeffrey Kenworthy PhD

International Land Management and Real Estate Management

  • Further development of national and international property, land and planning law
  • Studies on real estate development to reduce poverty
  • „Highest and best use“? - Sustainability in property valuation
  • Studies on social land and property policy, e.g. for the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Prof. Dr. Fabian Thiel

Environmental Protection in Urban Land Use Planning

  • Soil protection in development plan and building permit procedures
  • Urban development in the vicinity of emergency facilities (hazardous substances according to SEVESO II/III)
  • Urban life and noise
  • Renewable energies (wind power/photovoltaics) vs. building law

Dr. Stefan Pützenbacher

Regional Land Management and Rural Development

  • Sustainable village internal development: Development of guidelines for village internal development, e.g. for the federal states Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse

  • One municipality - one plan: combination and integration of all municipal spatial planning tasks into a lean and flexible space management system

  • Integrated Rural Development: Rural Integrated Development Guidelines and Feasibility Studies of the Rural Integrated Development Library (ILEK)


Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle

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