Research Focus: Building materials and materials control

New building materials and manufacturing processes

  • Development of new building materials with application and process related performance characteristics - consideration of the entire value chain

Research Projects:

  • Ge3TEX (woven, knitted, foamed- 3d textiles for the building envelope)
  • WiFaPu (winding process for highly reinforced fiber concrete using the example of a pump sump)

Building protection

  • Chemical and physical transport and damage mechanisms in mineral building materials: measurement, Modelling and forecasting
  • Building physics aspects in the construction of basement floors with high quality use: thermal and moisture protection

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Rucker-Gramm

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Horstmann


Concretes, coatings and measuring methods

  • Electro-optical measuring methods for the determination of roughness parameters for the shear bond in bonded joints between new and old concrete, the adhesion and the material properties for coatings and coverings, as well as for the skid resistance of road surfaces and the slip resistance of floors
  • Investigation of the weathering or corrosion condition of concrete components with non-contact measuring methods

Prof. Dr. Rolf-Rainer Schulz


Textile lightweight construction and gradientmaterials

  • Lightweight construction with 3D textiles, textile technologies as a basis for new gradient materials and sustainable constructions, development of composite materials, etc. in combination with spacer textiles and foaming technologies
    materialPREIS 2017, Competitionline Campus Award 2016
    65 kg Pavillon
    TechTex Award 2015, Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis 2014
    AED Neuland Award 2017, Competition Campus Award 2018, Moderner Aus- und Leichtbau 2018, FutureAward 2019
    Concrete Design Competition 2018/19 PLASTICITY,Anerkennung
    „3dTEX - Wall elements made of spacer textiles“, for more see also research focus „Renewable energies in architecture“
    Ge3TEX (Woven, knitted, foamed- 3d textiles for the building envelope)

Prof. Claudia Lüling


  • Development of novel sun protection elements made of 3d textiles - heat-insulating and with possibilities of transparency regulation
  • Research project: „Reversibly foldable, energetically effective 3D textiles in the construction sector“ (ReFaTex)

Prof. Claudia Lüling


Geotechnics and foundation engineering

  • Analysis and modelling of the load bearing behaviour of Full displacement piles through digitalization of laboratory workflows; systematization of Quality testing of the load bearing behaviour in field tests
  • Bank infiltration - Interaction between extreme floods and groundwater levels in the Frankfurt area and in the model area of the Kurozweki Castle complex (Poland), further
    development of a comprehensive calibrated Groundwater model, analysis of existing protection measures, development of a catalog of measures

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kliesch


Further development of supporting structures andfacades

  • Design and further development of supporting structures and Facades with parametric and generative Design strategies under consideration of structural and building physics requirements

Prof. Dr. Agnes Weilandt


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