ReLUT - Research Lab for Urban Transport

In the Research Lab for Urban Transport (ReLUT), an interdisciplinary team of researchers works on current and future challenges of mobility. The research focuses on the development of economic and ecological solutions for new mobility models. In addition to the disciplines of transport planning and logistics, ReLUT combines a wide range of competencies: urban planning, social science, data science (Big Data), computer science (AI), geoinformation, law, automotive engineering and economics.

This interdisciplinarity distinguishes the ReLUT and makes it possible to look at the problems in mobility in a comprehensive and sustainable way. The team's expertise is complemented by the cooperation with national and international partners from science and practice. As a result, challenges in transport and logistics are studied worldwide and solutions are developed that improve the quality of life in cities and the surrounding areas, at home and abroad.


Economics and Data Science

Civil Law, European Economic Law and European Law

Prof. Dr.
Domenik Wendt
Building 4, Room 404
Fax : +49 69 1533-63876

Logistics and Production Management

Prof. Dr.
Kai-Oliver Schocke
Building 4, Room 202
Fax : +49 69 1533-2903

Public Transport

Prof. Dr.
Josef Becker
Head of degree course: Infrastructure Management (M. Eng.)
Building 1, Room 38
Dominic Hofmann
Building 1, Room 40
Fax : +49 69 1533-2374
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