ReLUT - Research Lab for Urban Transport

The Research Lab for Urban Transport (ReLUT) is an interdisciplinary research team working on current and future challenges of urban transport, especially on the development of economic and ecological solutions for delivery and freight services.

ReLUT's research focuses on the Courier-Express-Parcel (CEP) industry, especially on sustainable solutions for last mile delivery. The reason for this focus is the increase in e-commerce and the resulting increase in commercial traffic. The location of the delivery zones and the associated length of stay have impacts on the inner-city traffic situation and the corresponding emissions. In cooperation with partners from the scientific community, companies and public administration, ReLUT develops and tests various last-mile solutions to improve the quality of life in cities.

Building on established networks, including the House of Logistic and Mobility (HOLM), ReLUT is expanding its network of experts in the fields of transport planning and logistics to examine the challenges of urban transport worldwide and to develop appropriate solutions.

Our interdisciplinary research focuses on:

  • delivery traffic
  • concepts for the last mile
  • electromobility
  • emission calculations
  • traffic data analysis
  • parking space supply and demand
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