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Flyer: Frankfurter Forschungsinstitut für Architektur • Bauingenieurwesen • Geomatik _ in German

Flyer: Frankfurt Research Institute for Architecture • Civil Engineering • Geomatics _ in English

Flyer: Architecture (B. A.) 
Flyer: Civil Engineering (B. Eng.)
Flyer: Civil Engineering dual (B. Eng.)
Flyer: Geomatics and Public Works (B. Eng.)
Flyer: Geomatics and Public Works dual (B. Eng.)
Flyer: Real Estate and Facility Management (B. Sc.)
Flyer: Real Estate and Integral Part of Building Technology (B. Eng.)


Flyer: Advanced Architecture
Flyer: Architecture (M. A.)
Flyer: Barrier-free Planning and Building (M. Sc.)
Info: Constructive Civil Engineering and Construction Management (M. Eng.) in cooperation with the institution of higher education: Hochschule RheinMain
Flyer, and  Info: Environmental Management and Urban Planning in Metropolitan Cities (M. Eng.) in cooperation with the institution of higher education: Hochschule RheinMain
Flyer: Urban Agglomerations (M. Sc.)
Flyer: Sustainable Structures (M. Eng.)


Flyer: Laboratory for Geoinformation
Flyer: Laboratory for Industrial Measurement Technology
Flyer: Laboratory for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Flyer: Facility Management


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The flyers are located in the secretary's office and can be taken along. They are free of charge and can be ordered via email.
 Please include your address and the desired amount. Contact: sekretariat-fb1(at)



Faculty 1 publishes an Almanac annually. Final theses, research and study projects of the past year are introduced here. Furthermore, you can find information about degree courses, events and international projects and much more. The Almanac Frankfurt 17 can be purchased for €10.

10 Jahre Geoinformation und Kommunaltechnik
2003-2013, Anniversary publication, ten years geomatics and public works at the 'Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main' – a reason to celebrate.

Ziegel - Der Turm zu Bhaktapur in Nepal 
The book costs €14.50 plus postage, information about the project

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 100 Jahre Fb1
The anniversary publication for the 100-year anniversary of the faculty with historic documents, pictures and information about degree courses and projects.

Contact / orders:
Please provide your address and the desired amount.

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