Which requirements do I have to meet?

If you have Corona symptoms, are ill or are subject to a quarantine obligation, you will not be allowed to enter the campus/exhibition grounds and will not be allowed to participate in examinations for this period. Such a circumstance is automatically considered a "sick call." Please submit the relevant documents to the Examinations Office!

⇨ The test obligation has been tightened: ALL participants in examinations must present a negative Corona rapid test (NOT a self-test!)no older than 24 hours (please note the time!). The 24 hours are counted retroactively from the time of entry to the building!

Exception: Participants with 2G+ status (usually equivalent to a booster vaccination) can waive the test proof, but must present a "Frankfurt UAS CARD" and a silicone wristband as proof of their status. You can obtain the "Frankfurt UAS Card" as well as the wristband at issuing points next to Building 8 (trailer) on campus (Mon - Fri, 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).
We nonetheless urge all participants with 2G+ status to test themselves before attending an exam!

⇨ Please note: In any case, you may only take part if you have registered for the exam.

What do I have to bring?

  • Your Study-Chip
  • Your identity card
  • Your negative test result (see above) OR
  • Your "Frankfurt UAS Card" and your silicone wristband as proof of your 2G+ status (see above)
  • Your pen
  • Permitted aids
  • Your mouth and nose protector (only surgical or FFP2 masks are allowed)
  • Food or drink, if you like – for this purpose, you may briefly take off your masks while seated at your desk

Please note: Do not bring unauthorized tools and items which are not permitted in the exam – such as mobile phones, tablets and other mobile internet devices – into the exam area.

When do I have to wear a mask?

You must wear your masks on campus as well as in the buildings. Due to the rising infection rates, you may not remove your mask while you are seated at your exam table.

How do I know where I'll write my exam?

The examination schedule indicates whether you'll write your exam at Messe Frankfurt or at Frankfurt UAS. As usual, you'll find the exam plan in Moodle.

How does the exam work and what rules do I have to follow?

Exams at Frankfurt Messe

Exams on campus

Online exams

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