Studying Abroad

Find information here if you want to study abroad at a partner university – we distinguish between European partner universities with Erasmus+ and partner universities worldwide (Non-EU foreign countries, such as the US etc.):

  • Learning Agreement,
  • deadlines,
  • receiving credit for grades,
  • funding your studies abroad.
Upcoming Information Sessions for Studying Abroad

Thinking of studying abroad in 2022/2023? Get informed!  The Int'l Office is offering the following Infosessions:

08.12.21 (online) at 11:00 am

15.12.21 (online) at 1:15 pm

These sessions will be held via Zoom.  Please contact the International Office at or to sign up and get the link to access the event. 


Erasmus+ is a program for education, youth, and sports of the European Union which has the objective to promote the mobility of students and to support them in developing employment-relevant and intercultural skills. As part of the program, you can currently study at partner universities in 31 different European countries. You will receive financial and organizational support, do not need to pay study fees at the partner university, and can receive credit for your academic performance for your program at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. More


For Outgoing Exchange Students

Erasmus+ Study abroad in Winter Semester 2022/23 and Summer Semester 2023

Pre-selection by the Faculty (FB3) will take place until January 15, 2022.

Deadline for uploading all additional documentation to Mobility Online: January 15, 2022

Application deadlines for partner universities worldwide

The application deadlines vary from country to country. You can find the deadlines and application procedures on the pages of the International Office.

Internships Abroad:

An internship abroad offers the opportunity to gather worldwide professional experience and get to know foreign working worlds and cultures. Expanding your foreign language and technical skills as well as intercultural skills will make it easier to enter the labor market later on.

You can find an overview of internship positions in the Career Center. It may also pay to visit Marcela Jednat in the Career Center. There is an address list of companies abroad in which other students have completed their internship before you.

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Not all internships abroad are paid or may only cover part of your costs. You can find more information on financial support options on the pages of our International Office.

Double degree program

During your studies at Faculty 3: Business and Law you have the opportunity to obtain a double degree in Business Administration BA, in cooperation with the Y SCHOOLS. This double degree is supported by the German-French university.

In the International Business Administration program, you can also complete a double degree at select partner universities as part of your exchange program.

Application and selection procedure for the semester abroad

In terms of the support possibilities and the application procedure, there is a difference between European (Erasmus+) and worldwide partner universities.

You should research the following for both:

  • Semester schedule of the partner university
  • Course selection and ECTS
  • Requirements for your program (specified in the examination regulations)
  • Application procedure (worldwide and Erasmus+) and deadlines

The International Office will help you with personal consulting, and you may contact the Officer for International Studies at the faculty to answer any subject-related questions (examination regulations, course selection, Learning Agreement etc.). You should have a personal consultation no later than one year before the planned stay abroad.

We recommend getting information about studying abroad and starting to prepare in the first semester. A study abroad also has an impact on your program here – e.g. what languages you choose and what your personal course of studies looks like, in particular how you combine your modules. Please also keep in mind the specifications of the respective program and the long lead time and deadlines for the applications – which may be one year before your stay.

You can also find general information materials at DAAD, such as a check list (German only) that may help you with your planning. you can find more detailed information for preparation on the pages of the International Office. Please also keep your eyes peeled for information events held by IO and the faculty!

The preselection for the Erasmus+ spots is made for students in Business and Law at the Faculty.

The application deadline is in the middle of January for studies abroad in the following winter and summer semester. In July, only residual spots are given out for the following summer semester. Please pay attention to the exact deadlines.

In this course you will learn more information about studies abroad, application procedures and guidelines, e.g. for creating the Learning Agreement. You can request the Moodle course password for the course "Faculty 3 - International studies" by email, stating your enrollment number and program to the contact partner (found under contacts).

Please apply by the preselection deadline via Mobility Online, the data base of the International Office. Please submit all required documentation by the preselection deadline. You can find a list of the required documentation on the pages of the International Office.

You can upload the Learning Agreement after admission.

Please only apply for a semester abroad if you have decided to commit to it. This also applies to your choice of preferences. But first ensure that the university offers a sufficient number of creditable courses. Not every partner university is for suitable for every program. Only state an alternate if you are also prepared to accept this spot. It is not possible to change spots after they have been assigned and withdrawing late is complicated and inconvenient for everyone involved. Consider in particular that if you have doubts, you are taking a spot away from another other applicant that can no longer be filled later on! If you submit an application after having withdrawn before, you will be considered last.

The selection procedure takes place after the application deadline has passed. The spots are assigned based on the applicant’s order of preferences, motivational letter, and CV. Spots that are available to no particular program but to all students in the faculty (faculty spots), are only assigned after the program-specific spots have been assigned. The assignment of the faculty spots considers all students who did not receive a program spot. However, students who have already participated in the selection procedure for program spots can no longer be considered for a spot at a university where both program spots and faculty spots were available.

You will be informed about your assigned spot by email. If you have not received a spot at a preferred university, we will offer you another open spot as a selection. Please confirm that you accept the spot by the stated deadline. Your confirmation will then be forwarded to the International Office. It is not possible to switch from the assigned spot.

After you have been assigned a spot, you need to complete and coordinate a Learning Agreement.

Please upload the Learning Agreement in Mobility Online and submit the signed Erasmus application form to the International Office by the Erasmus deadline (see deadlines).

For the Overseas study abroad program, you apply directly to the International Office.

Please read the information on the page of the International Office concerning the respective deadlines and required application documentation, and ask for advice.

In order to receive credit for the courses completed abroad, you need to submit a Learning Agreement with the application documentation.

If you would like to go to a university abroad with which we do not have a partnership, you can usually apply directly to the respective university and organize the stay there yourself.

Students who do not organize their study abroad through an exchange program with partner universities, but organize the entire stay themselves are often called "freemovers" or "study abroad" students.

In this case, the application deadlines of the respective universities apply. They also need to pay any university fees themselves in this case. Not all universities accept “freemovers” - some only accept exchange students from partner universities. You can usually read about this on the respective website of the university.

A self-organized study abroad does not impact the regulations for credit recognition. However, please consider in any case that you need to complete a Learning Agreement.

Receiving credit for examination grades

This is an agreement between you, your home university, and the guest university concerning the courses that you take abroad and what credit you can get for them for your program.  You can download the Learning Agreement from Mobility Online at the International Office. Once the partner university has been decided for you, please coordinate the LA as soon as possible.

The contact persons for the Learning Agreement are the Officer for International Studies and your program director.

Make an appointment and send them a proposal ahead of time as to which courses you would like to take and get credit for when studying abroad (ideally supplemented with links to the pages of the university on which the courses are described). In order to verify possible recognition of credit, please bring the documentation for the desired courses. Only once the description and the ECTS credits of the planned courses abroad are submitted, can an LA be concluded.

The LA with coordinated content and all other required documentation are submitted directly to the International Office.

Please note:


It can happen that you realize on location that you want to change courses, e.g. if a course is not offered after all or there are scheduling conflicts. If this is the case, please coordinate the changes with your program director by email at the start of your semester abroad. For Erasmus+, these changes must be recorded in the Changes Form within one month after the lectures start. We ask exchange students worldwide and “freemovers” to please fill out a new LA.

Depending on the partner university, the transcript is sent directly to you or our International Office. 

If the foreign university has the original transcript, please submit it together with the LA to your head of degree course and the Examination Office. In the LA, the courses that will be recognized by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are those that have been bindingly accepted by the head of degree course / contact partner with his/her signature. For these courses, the grades are converted on the transcript of records. 

Summer Schools

Study abroad during your semester break is offered in so-called summer schools (German only).

Funding Options for your Studies Abroad

In the meantime, there are a few possibilities for financial support. You can read here what they are.


English is not your only choice. At some of our partner universities you can also study some or all modules in the national language, such as French, Spanish, or Chinese! Please find out about the course selection on the websites of the partner universities. You can take language courses to prepare for your semester abroad at the language center. Even if you study in English, you should at least learn the basics of the national language.


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