Exam requirements

Before taking the exam, you need to register and be admitted to the exam. There will be no participation under reserve this semester. It is strongly recommended to print a receipt in HIS for self-regulation.

What to bring along!

  • study chip
  • face mask
  • recommended: Your own disinfectant
  • pen and authorized tools

Please keep in mind:
Unauthorized tools, including mobile phones, tablets and other devices with internet access, as well as jackets, coats and bags should not be brought into the area of testing.

Further regulations

  • All exams take place on campus in building 4 (not at the trade fairs).
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the entire building 4, especially in the area of testing. You can take off your mask for a short moment during the identity check and when seated during the exam.
  • Please follow the spacing rules and keep a proper distance, especially while entering and exiting the area of testing.
  • It is strongly recommended to use the provided disinfectants at the entrances of the hallways to disinfect your hands.
  • Using the elevator is reserved to persons with impairments.
  • During the entire exam period (06/29-07/31), staying in the area of testing is only permissible for the duration of the respective exam.
  • Entering the area of testing is only permissible with study chip, previous identity check and an issued “individual room card”.
  • No room plans will be published this semester. The room allocation can be viewed on your “individual room card” after the identity check.

Identity check on the 2nd floor of building 4 – please be there on time!

  • In order to conduct structured identity checks and to avoid crowds, we kindly ask you to come in at different times depending on the first letter of your last name. The phased identity checks will be conducted on the 2nd floor of building 4. Please note: You are only allowed to enter the area of testing once you have successfully completed the identity check!
Surname starting with … Identity check
Letter A – F 30 minutes before start of exam
Letter G – L 25 minutes before start of exam
Letter M – R 20 minutes before start of exam
Letter S – Z 15 minutes before start of exam
  • Upon arrival at Frankfurt UAS please wear a face mask, keep proper distance to your peers, disinfect your hands with the provided disinfectants and go to the identity check on the 2nd floor of building 4 according to plan (see table above). 
  • Please present your study chip at the counter of the identity check. When asked by the controlling personal, take off your face mask for a short moment. After your identity has been confirmed you will receive an “individual room card”. You can then go straight to the area of testing.

Area of testing: The exam room

  1. All seminar rooms and hallways on the 3rd and 4th floor in building 4 are considered testing areas.
  2. Your “individual room card” states in which room your exam will take place.
  3. Once you are in your examination room, please go to a free seat and put your “individual room card” and study chip clearly visible on the table.
  4. Attention: Due to official regulations for contact tracking you have to hand in your –  filled in –“individual room card” along with your exam.
  5. It is not allowed to change the arrangement of tables and chairs in the rooms.
  6. During the exam you can take off your face mask in your seat. 
  7. After the exam, please put on your face mask and keep proper distance while exiting the building.
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