Cooperation projects

Knowledge through practice strengthens – cooperation projects between the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and businesses not only create mutual win-win situations, but also strengthen the networking of education, practice, and research. Young talents of today, the employees of tomorrow, work on real problems in businesses. The students gain insights into practical work and have the possibility of applying their theoretical knowledge; project partners have a chance to integrate students into their company at an early stage and are kept up-to-date on current developments.

The logistics lab in Holm offers an outstanding infrastructure for students with modern teaching facilities and creates an optimal and innovative work environment.

Project list

Höchst – From industry location to urban travel destination

WS 2015/16

During an eight-week practical case project, students of the dual program Tourism Management successfully developed target groups and recommended actions for the optimizing the tourist marketing of the Frankfurt city district Höchst. The task of the students was to perform an analysis of the existing tourist sites for the district of Höchst and uncover optimization potential in order to develop concrete suggestions for improving the design and marketing of an attractive offer.

Analysis of turnover times of handling agents at Cargo City Süd

SS 2015 – Commissioned by the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V.

Students from three programs performed studies in Cargo City Süd at the Frankfurt Airport at the behalf of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V. They examined and analyzed the situation of four handling agents who move about 40% of the tonnage. The goal of the practical case project is to determine the service and processing times of different handling agents and uncover potential for faster processing.

The goal of this project paper in collaboration with Heraeus was to validate the preliminary planning and measures of a logistics insourcing decision of a producer of special lamps. Students of the BW/IBA program conducted a process analysis of the order picking and shipping activities in the new central warehouse and developed optimization measures.

Analysis of the entering and exiting behavior of train travelers in Mannheim

– as well as development of proposed optimizations for the on-time departure of ICEs and TGVs – WS 2015/16

The entering and exiting behavior of traveler at Mannheim's main train station was studied as part of the branch Logistics and Production Management in the Business Administration and International Business Administration Bachelor programs. The goal of the study was to develop suitable proposed optimizations and issue recommended actions to improve the punctuality of the ICEs and TGVs on the Mannheim–Paris route.

Analysis of supply and customer journey for group trips using the long-distance travel service of the Deutsche Bahn

WS 2014/15

In a five-week intensive seminar, students of the two dual programs Air Transportation and Tourism Management successfully developed recommended actions for supply optimization of group trips using the long-distance travel service of the Deutsche Bahn. The task of the students was to perform an analysis of supply and customer journey for group trips using the long-distance travel service of the Deutsche Bahn.

Older cooperation projects

SS 2014

The focus of the cooperation project with Fraport AG was on the supply optimization for Terminals 1 and 2 at the Frankfurt Airport. Industrial engineering students developed solution concepts for the reduction of traffic and the fire load in the basement driveways.

SS 2014

Students of the IBA/BW Bachelor program studied the warehousing processes of the pharma business R-Biopharm AG. The ACTUAL state was first determined by viewing relevant operational areas and performing expert interviews. After this, the students developed a TARGET concept for optimization.

SS 2013

Industrial engineering students worked together with business representatives from Fraport AG, UPS, and Fraunhofer IML to develop a survey of the actors on the future development of the CCS. All surveyed actors believe in the location CC Frankfurt, but demand improvements and developments to increase the attractiveness of the location.

WS 2012/13

Aviation Management students studied terminal processes, comparing traditional vs. fair@LINK-based truck handling at four participating pilot businesses in the Cargo City Süd. When fair@LINK was used correctly, a reduction of handling times could be observed.

WS 2012/13 – Commissioned by CargoCity Task Force

As part of an analysis of the domestic traffic of CCS, BA students of the Frankfurt UAS studied terminal processes and the vehicles being used in the domestic traffic of the CCS while taking the pilot run of the IT solution fair@LINK into account. One of the results was that the terminal process consists primarily of waiting time.

SS 2012 – As part of the Fraport AG Analysis Program II

For the first time, students of the Master program in Industrial Engineering surveyed traffic movements at the gates and between the operations of 16 participating businesses in CCS. Peaks and high business-specific fluctuations in handling and waiting times were found.


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