Applied Idea competition of the Frankfurt UAS 2016

In cooperation with the Faculty Research, Continuing Education, and Transfer (FWbT) – financially supported by the HMWK – the IFE implemented the university-internal idea competition "AppliedIdea" in 2016. The competition, which was held for the first time  at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS), had the goal of giving start-up affine groups at the university the opportunity to submit their ideas, present them in a pitch meeting, and have them examined by experts. The associated feedback is intended to provide stimulation and help them make a decision as to whether and to what extent the outlined business path can be continued. The closing ceremony of the competition took place at the end of November.

During the closing ceremony, the Managing Director of the IFE, Prof. Dr. Cord Siemon, addressed all participants and guests. He was pleased with the very wide range of participating ideas, and in particular, with the tremendous resonance from the non-profit area, since social entrepreneurship is one of the very important fields in the future. He pointed out that the development and implementation of new business ideas required in particular interdisciplinary skills in order to be able to integrate them in a visionary context, model them, develop them for a business plan, communicate them successfully to investors and other stakeholders, and prepare them for application through the targeted acquisition of expertise. Prof. Siemon pointed out once more that it these and similar aspects for which the career-integrated MBA program "Entrepreneurship & Business Development" is supposed to prepare students.

In a brief pitch meeting, a previously selected group of participants and teams introduced themselves once more. Afterwards, the winners of the idea competition received their awards:

1st place (€1,500): Team "CLYDE"

The CLYDE team around Elisa Pawlik, Ole Feldmann, and Nils Adam has developed a bag using a special process that stiffens itself and thus maintain keep its shape and design regardless of its contents.

2nd place (€1,000): Team "Frostbeam VM500"

The Frostbeam VM500 team around E. Lommartzsch, M. Parzich, N. Bauerschmidt, C. Graupe, T. Heilig, C. Dörr, and F. Morgenstern has developed an innovative device that can be used by cleaning services to remove graffiti and stickers using dry ice.

3rd place (€500): Team "KiniMed"

The KiniMed team around Dominic Pfitzner and Marc Kmietsch is dedicated to an online platform that offers care instructions to caretakers and people in need of care and thus offers them an integrated market place for tools and resources.

Special prize (€500): "Job-oriented Youth Institution"

The concept "Job-oriented Youth Institution" by Alina Sacher wants to establish a non-profit organization in which young people can plan and specify their future with pedagogical supervision in the setting of a youth contact café.

Viewer prize

Based on the brief pitches presented, a viewer prize was determined using a "clap-o-meter," which went to David Bielefeld. His idea "WG Match" is intended to tackle the problem of matching supply and demand for room mates using a mobile app.


All participating individuals and teams – like all other university members with a start-up idea – are cordially invited to get in touch with the IFE to plan the next steps together (including the cooperation partners of the IFE) for concrete implementation.


Picture credits: Frank Muckenheim

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