The winners of the IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2014

The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) of Faculty 3 – Business and Law – cordially congratulates the award winners of the "IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2014." For the first time, the IFE has allowed students, doctoral candidates, and former students of the UAS FFM to compete for the award and launched the "IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2014." Courage, ideas, and business thinking are the decisive criteria which the jury uses to select the winners. The competition was specifically created for the best in-house students, staff, and alumni. The "IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2014" is the kick-off. Additional start-up competitions will take place in 2015 and 2016.

1st place: Andrea Pooch

First place went to Ms. Andrea Pooch with her company POOCHY, which started in April 2014,, Friesstrasse 12 in Frankfurt am Main. Ms. Andrea Pooch studies Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts) at the UAS FFM. Self-portrait of POOCHY: POOCHY is an exclusive brand for baby and children's clothing with a high standard for quality and diverse collections. Modern styles and excellent comfort as well as appealing designs are just as important to POOCHY as the implementation of the international sustainability strategy. It is POOCHY's goal to protect sensitive children's skin from chafing and allergies by using soft, skin-friendly materials with specially offset seams and nickel-free buttons. The raw materials are exclusively sourced from businesses that do not employ child labor and produce their products under environmental protection conditions.

2nd place: Vineet Talwar

Mr. Vineet Talwar qualified for 2nd place with his company FireMud FM, which was founded in April 2013. The company headquarters are in Haryana/India. Mr. Vineet Talwar, born in 1991 in Alwar (India), studies High Integrity Systems (Master of Science) at the UAS FFM.
Self-portrait of FireMud FM: It all started when three well-off tech guys and music freaks were seized by an immense desire to revolutionize the contemporary old radio by supercharging it with the power of the internet. This is how FireMud FM - The Online Radio Station came into existence. FireMud FM is an online radio station and music portal that brings you a variation of music, ranging from acoustic to the metal genre. FireMud FM has successfully brought together unheard tracks of super-talented, budding musicians, including bands, disk jockeys, and solo performers and have put them on the portal to be heard by people who came by to check out the live radio shows. This helps give these artists a platform to be heard beyond anything they could have imagined. Simply log on to and enjoy the music. What more!! You can dedicate and request songs to your loved ones online through FireMud's platform, anywhere across the globe. FireMud FM also connects underground musicians to event managers, record labels, and gets these bands an opportunity to showcase their talent.

3rd place: Roxanne Leissring

Third place went to Ms. Roxanne Leissring with her company paù-design, which was founded in September 2013,, Erlenbacher Strasse 7 in Frankfurt am Main. Ms. Roxanne Leissring, born in Bad Homburg in1987, studies Architecture (Master of Arts) at the UAS FFM. Self-portrait of paù-design: paù-design stands for hand-made individual jewelry "with a message." paù-design offers its customers an opportunity to design their very own personal pieces of jewelry online, for their own use or as a present. This is accomplished with a number of modules that offer a variety of types, colors, materials, and engravings. paù-design helps create jewelry that is guaranteed to have sentimental value. As soon as the design is finished, it is crafted by hand within one week at the Frankfurt KleinRaumAtelier and shipped.

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