The winners of the IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2015

The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) recognized three young business start-ups during the "IFE start-up competition – Our Best 2015." The winning business ideas, which have all already gone through the start-up process, include an online platform for job selection processes, a sustainable fashion label with online sales, and an IT service provider who is active in Industry 4.0. "The IFE start-up prize will promote the launch of start-ups. It honors the courage, commitment, and creativity needed to start a business," explains Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schrader, Vice-President of the Frankfurt UAS, who was present at the award ceremony. The business start-ups received monetary prizes, free participation in a module offered by the continuing education MBA Entrepreneurship & Business Development, and an offer of free consultation for business management by the professors at the IFE. The prize is directed at students, doctoral candidates, and alumni of the Frankfurt UAS and is awarded once a year.

The first prize went to the 24-year old Philipp Silbernagel from Oberursel for his platform "Online Training – Philipp Silbernagel," which prepares clients for different professional selection procedures.

Silbernagel's company creates training pages for selection procedures, e.g. of assessment centers, for which there are currently no training possibilities on the internet. "This is an innovative and scalable business model, which very successfully occupies niches and is experiencing very rapid sales increases,” stated Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski while praising Silbernagel's idea on behalf of the Directorate of the IFE. The online platform is supposed to expand from one selection procedure to the next and fill the respective niche with a website for training for this selection procedure. The clever business idea, the well-thought out business plan, and the high customer satisfaction are evident from the success of his start-up business, which has been doubling its sales every month since the start of 2015. Silbernagel studied at the Frankfurt UAS in the Bachelor program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering from 2011 to 2015. Since October 2015, he has been attending the Master program for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Munich. An example of this type of online platform is the training for the recruitment test for the police:
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Second place went to Lukas Schmidt from Darmstadt with the Reinheimer start-up "Alboline,” a label for sustainable fashion.

The 23-year old is responsible for marketing and search engine optimization at "Alboline." Lukas Schmidt and the "Alboline” start-up team are dedicated to the production and supply of sustainable fashion. The clothes are made from biological materials, such as bio-cotton, and exclusively printed on during a certified, CO2- neutral process. All used materials are sourced from fair trade and ideally local. Even the transportation of the clothes and bags to customers uses ecologically sound, CO2-neutral delivery. The goal of the business is to develop ecological designer fashion with young esprit and sustainability. Schmidt studies in the Bachelor program Business Law at Faculty 3: Business and Law of the Frankfurt UAS. More information about "Alboline":

The third prize was awarded to Dimitri Jedik for launching the IT service company "YanJe technologies" together with his partner Illarion Yangurazov.

The 31-year old is currently responsible for management at "YanJe technologies." The company is located in Isernhagen near Hanover and uses a proprietary program core to put together different devices and sensors into an intelligent and cooperative system in the area of Industry 4.0. The program core is able to read out, collect, analyze, and forward data in an intelligent manner and can be used for all kinds of devices, regardless of the operating system, ranging from smartphones to mainframes. Different systems and devices can interact with each other directly via the software platform and thus become one intelligent system. This networking allows the devices and systems to communicate even across industries. Jedik studies in the Bachelor program of International Finance at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. More about "YanJe technologies":

The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) at the Frankfurt UAS is a national and international research, consulting, and continuing education institution. The research focus lies on topics related to start-ups in Germany and Europe and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-up entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the IFE provides continuing education and consulting for start-up entrepreneurs from the various home countries of the Frankfurt UAS students and supports foreign universities in developing their entrepreneurship training.

Managing Director of the IFE is Prof. Dr. Tobias Hagen. Prof. Dr. Lars Wellejus and Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski awarded the start-ups on behalf of the Directorate.

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