Start-ups / businesses

We consulted for and communicated/communicate with the following start-ups / businesses.

However, we do not accept any liability for their internet presences despite carrying out a thorough assessment. 

Philipp Silbernagel's company "Online Training – Philipp Silbernagel" creates training pages for selection procedures, e.g. of assessment centers, for which there are currently no training possibilities on the internet.

The start-up team of "Alboline" is dedicated to the production and supply of sustainable fashion. The clothes are made from biological materials, such as bio-cotton, and exclusively printed on during in a certified, CO2- neutral process.

POOCHY is an exclusive brand for baby and children's clothing with a high standard for quality and diverse collections.

FireMud FM is an Online Radio Station and music portal that brings you a variety of music, ranging from acoustic to metal.

paù-design stands for hand-crafted, customized jewelry "with a message."

Business social consulting, supervision, workshop

Exclusive vodka in an exclusive bottle

Bio coffee roasting house
The roasting house basaglia is a project of the Frankfurt Association and Frankfurt's only roasting facility that exclusively produces organic coffee.

Fluid logistics systems based on planar motors

Lars Bergmann, Managing Director of the Benjamin GmbH, is the first EXIST stipend recipient of the UAS Frankfurt in 2008-2009.

Benjamin is the winner of the Weconomy award:

An interesting start-up in the area of sustainable economic and ecological logistics

4th place at the Frankfurt EXIST idea competition 2006 

Judith Karbstein

Online consulting and implementation


Design meet feet. 
Online shop for wide high-boots, narrow high boots, and designer boots.


Development of online shops with automatic product monitoring, automatic content generation, and search engine optimization


A pioneering concept of cloud computing

Web team Faculty 3ID: 5536