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This page is subject to a dynamic process. We do our best to provide answers to all questions. Please make sure you visit this page frequently. Thank you very much!

Information on teaching in the winter semester 2021/22 - as of September 3, 2021

  • The semester dates for the faculty can be found here: The schedule of classes and rooms will be published by the end of September.
  • Currently it can be assumed that teaching will be done in presence (=regular mode). Therefore, you have to assume that there is a need for presence on campus!
  • Documents on the course content are also provided online (Moodle). However, this does not mean that these documents must generally also be made available in the form of a recording or streaming. Therefore, you cannot expect face-to-face lectures to be recorded or streamed.
  • Masks are mandatory (medical mask of OP or FFP2 quality) in all buildings and especially in the lecture rooms.
  • 3G applies! The university is open to all persons in compliance with 3G regulations (vaccinated, recovered or tested). In general, there is an obligation to prove a current negative COVID test, which is not older than 48 hours. Exempt from the obligation to test are those who are vaccinated or recovered (obligation to provide proof!). In this context we refer again to the various vaccination possibilities also on our campuses in Frankfurt (next appointment on campus on 13.9.). Only professionally performed POC (citizen's test) or PCR tests with certificate are valid; self-tests are not valid. As it currently stands, the so-called "citizen tests" are only free of charge until Oct. 14, 2021.
  • A negative test for Covid 19 does not protect against a quarantine order without vaccination. If you have contracted Covid19 unvaccinated, regardless of where or on what occasion, or have had close contact with infected persons as defined by the RKI, this will inevitably result in a domestic seclusion order of 10 or 14days. During this time, you are not allowed to enter the campus. These periods of time, which are ordered again by the responsible health office for each new contact situation, are missing for you to cope with the content of your studies. This legal quarantine requirement does not apply to vaccinated and recovered individuals.
  • On campus, compliance with the 3G rule is monitored by a security service from the start of lectures.
  • QR codes of the Luca app will be attached to each room. For each lecture, students must log in and out independently at the start and end of the lecture. The use of the Luca app in the event rooms will be checked.
  • We recommend that you bring laptops or similar, as individual courses could also be broadcast online.
  • Regardless of the type of course, exams will be scheduled in a face-to-face setting.

Warm up for our first semester students

Dear first-year students, please visit our first-semester information page frequently to receive all relevant information and to-dos to get you started. Pay special attention to the first information carrier “Start your studies step by step, guide to getting started, greetings from the head of the program” to stay on track with us and start your studies.


Access to examination records

Please contact the respective auditor if needed. Auditors will arrange a meeting with you. Note: The auditor must make the documents available to you digitally, simply explaining the evaluation to you is not sufficient, naturally.

The auditor is supposed to make the documents available to you digitally since, naturally, explaining the evaluation to you orally is not sufficient. 

Appeals against findings of attempted deception

Appeals against the determination of an attempted cheating must always be submitted in writing to the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Referent Prüfungsrechtliche Widersprüche, Nibelungenplatz 1, 60318 Frankfurt am Main, in accordance with § 29 of the General Regulations for Examination Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - University of Applied Sciences (AB Bachelor/Master).

Your informal written application with reasons must contain your signature; an e-mail is therefore not sufficient. (Note: Please do not use the standardized application form of Department 3 for applications to the examination boards).

Examinations in the summer semester 2021

The information below is valid until September 30, 2021.

  1. In the summer semester 2021 examinations will take place in the following examination forms 
  2. In the implementation of the forms of examination, the current circumstances are taken into account by granting flexibility in the execution or implementation of the forms of examination. The following recommendations and guidelines are based on the measures that we have already implemented successfully in some cases as acute measures in recent semesters. They apply independently of the restrictions ordered by the authorities for the examinations in the summer semester 2021

Type of examination

Guidelines for execution/implementation


The exams are written in presence in the rooms of the university.

For the dates of the individual examinations, please refer to the published examination schedules of the individual study programs.

Written examinations, especially project, seminar and final papers

Uploading the completed exam to Moodle on time including a Declaration of Originality signed by you.
Note: Submitted examinations are only intended for auditors and cannot be made available to other students.
Further information may be obtained by the respective auditor.


Feasible as video conference. Additional upload of the presentation on Moodle.
Notes: Submitted examinations, including any Zoom recordings, are only intended for auditors and cannot be made available to other students. This also applies to recordings of presentations on Zoom.
Live presentations on Zoom in front of the group are permitted however.
Technical assurance (internet connection, camera, microphone) by the student.
Identity check by showing Studychip.
Further information may be obtained by the respective auditor.

Oral examinations and colloquia

Feasible as video conference. Technical assurance (internet connection, camera, microphone) by the student. Identity check by showing Studychip. Further information may be obtained by the respective auditor.

Practical vocational examinations

Examinations (report, presentation) can be delivered in the forms explained above. Many students may have difficulty finding practical training in the current situation. Note to our students: Ideally delay your internship if you are not able to find a place for practical training and favor other examinations.

Final papers / thesis

Departing from the examination regulations, digital submission is possible. It shall be examined to what extent working on the thesis in possible within the present restrictions (i.a. resources at the library). If necessary and possible postponing the thesis shall be contemplated.

The information below is valid until September 30, 2021.

Project-, seminar- and practice papers and other written examinations can be submitted digitally to Moodle as file-uploads. Please contact the office of examinations for digital submissions not later than three business days before the deadline in order to receive your login data. Alternatively, you can also send your paper to the office of examinations by mail. In this case the postmark is valid! Note: If you have submitted your final paper online, that is sufficient. There is no need for handing in a bound copy later. Please do not submit your final papers via e-mail!

The information below is valid until September 30, 2021.

Registration applications for final papers have to be sent in digital form (scan) with the student’s signature to the first supervisor via e-mail. The supervisor will forward the document upon confirmation (both supervisors need to confirm the application) to the examination office via e-mail.

The information below is valid until September 30, 2021.

Colloquia protocols and assessments can be sent to the examination office signed and as scan via e-mail.


Contacts, availability

The Office of examinations is available to you in full function, preferably via e-mail. Phone service hours: Mo – Fr, 9 – 12 a.m. Contact: fb3-pruefungsamt(at), Tel. : +49 69 1533-3330.

In special cases, a personal appointment can be arranged. For that, please send an e-mail to the office of examinations and state your matters besides your matriculation number and study program. The office staff will then respond with a proposed appointment time.
Please refrain from visiting the office of examinations spontaneously due to present distancing and hygiene regulations.

In general, all staff members are working from home and are available via e-mail or phone. Beyond that, the deanship and its administration are available on campus on a very limited basis. 

The Practice and Career Center is available to you in full function, however only via e-mail or phone. For contact data and office hours please refer to the webpage of the Practice and Career Center.

The Secretary’s Office for Teaching is available to you in full function, however only via e-mail. Adjunct lecturer administration: lennartz(at) and schedule creation/room planning: planungfb3(at)

Online access authorization to university (CIT-account)

New members (lecturers, students, staff) need an online access authorization to the university. Please send a scan of your ID + your telephone number via e-mail to servicedesk(at) stating your occupation/your studies. After verifying your access authorization you will receive the login data to your CIT-account promptly.

A guide on how to activate your CIT-account is available here

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