What is Citavi?

Citavi is a Windows-based reference management software. It supports students and faculty in all stages of their research and assists in the process of writing a scientific article, book, or term paper.

The full-featured version of Citavi is available by funding of the library for all members of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Citavi can be used in English. With two clicks, you can switch from German to English.

  • Citavi trial is a test version for free. The trial version is available for Citavi for Windows and for Citavi Web. You can try out Citavi for 30 days. After that you have to set up an account and switch to the full version.
  • Citavi for Windows is the desktop version and optimized for Windows. The library has licensed Citavi Windows, therefore all university members can use Citavi for Windows for free. You can register for Citavi for Window via this link. If you use a Mac you can find installation instructions here.
  • Citavi Web has been released in June 2021 and allows you to work from everywhere as long as you have internet access. It works with every operating system, like Mac OS, Windows or Linux. The library has not yet subscribed to this version. You can find more information about Citavi Web here.

In order to install Citavi you need to have administrator rights. Therefore installation on university computers should be made by your system administrator.

In order to install Citavi on your private computer please proceed as follows:

First download and install the current version of Citavi:

For further information how to use Citavi check the user’s manual.

Your Citavi account
You can create an account when opening Citavi. Your university email is needed for authentication purposes, e.g. johndoe@stud.fra-uas.de.

Citavi test version is then converted into Citavi for Windows for the duration of our university license.

Please note: For authentication purposes your university email is needed, e.g. johndoe(at)stud.fra-uas.remove-this.de. Setting up an account with a freemail address is not possible. Students can retrieve their mails via https://webmail.frankfurt-university.de/. The first part in front of the @-symbol is your user name. Your password is the same as in your IT user login.

If you are interested in introductory courses in english please contact us via citavi(at)bibl.fra-uas.remove-this.de.

In addition to our courses we provide two courses in Moodle containing videos and exercises.

Faculty members can register without password.

Our Moodle courses are in German only.

Using setting files you can adapt the search settings to our university. In order to use licensed material you need to be registered in the Frankfurt Universtity of Applied Sciences network.


Click  here to download the Citavi setting files. Please import the csd-file as follows:


1. Pick “import or export settings” from the menu “tools”.

2. Select “import”.

3. Click “search” and pick “Citavi settings file”.

4. Click “next”.

5. Select the settings you would like to import, e.g. all.

6. Click “finish”.

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